09 September 2005

Progday Addendum

Still at Progday: The last post featured the live music; here, we feast on the scenery at Storybook Farm. It was a charming spot for such a festival, and the weather was perfect. Previous Progdays have been cursed by extremes (hurricane, too hot, too cold, whine whine), but 2005 was to make up for all that with reasonable highs (88-ish saturday, 85 sunday), breeze, and lower humidity.

Between bands, explore. Wander. Shoot things. It's hard to envision NEARFest being as fun to photograph (being an indoor prog festival), but when it was revealed on Saturday that legendary French band ANGE was to headline next year, I immediately began hatching plans to catch it...

Meanwhile, Progday '05 champions Psicotropia and Far Corner are both scheduled to perform at Orion in the near future (Psicotropia = very near future, as in tonight). For those progminded locals who aren't aware of Orion, it's a great thing; small/intimate/comfortable performing space ... bring a lawn chair, a cooler of your favorite libations, and a few friends. We must ensure that groovy stuff keeps happening...even if it IS in Baltimore.

And with that, Progday coverage is over. Back to reality.

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