05 November 2005

9:30 club, 2005

So, after that melancholic nostalgia freakout a few days ago, visiting the grave of DC Space & finding a Starbucks (previous post), I figured the old 9:30 club had to be next.

Of course the 9:30 did not vanish, but simply moved: they now have a much better sound system, more space, bigger bar, actual "climate control" and other creature comforts, but many of us cranky farts lost our club virginity in the old place. Hawkwind, Psychic TV, Swans, etc...the brightest stars of the underground had blazed from the stage in there, in that stinking, crowded, fabulous cesspit.

...just had to sneak one last peek behind the chainlink fence & plywood barriers, before it mutated into another Starbucks...

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