23 November 2005

Rayburn's goblin

...no relation to GENE Rayburn, unfortunately. Gene was the 2nd greatest host in the history of game shows (the first being Chuck Barriss, of course).

This curious stone creature would be one of several guardians of the Rayburn House Office Building, which flanks the south side of the US Capitol campus in Washington DC. Whenever I pass this building on my lunch walks, I'm haunted by MATCH GAME flashbacks: That gargoyle whispers after me...

(Dumb Dora is SO dumb...) i refuse, refuse, refuse to chant back "how dumb is she"...

(Old Man Periwinkle said mermrmrmrelemmrrrr...)

NO! NO! Back to HELL from whence you sprung, or TV LAND, or whatever. This is a Federal Government Building here, you must not profane it with your mockery of 1970s game shows. No self-respecting stone gargoyle would stoop to such goofery!

At this point, I usually sprint back to the office, weeping like a child, to the comforting arms of my co-workers, and to the loving hum of the coffee machine.

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