24 January 2006

All puffins are named Todd.

Deep in your heart, you know it's true. Look at them. All puffins are Todd.

In other news: finally found a copy of Mitch Cullin's novel Tideland. It's a reprint, since Terry Gilliam's film is due out any minute (though it probably won't get far beyond the art-house circuit, or if it does, typically won't last long--most visionary films die early). I understand the first printing was a vanity-press product, so it would be hopelessly impossible to find a copy. All those years in Tucson, and didn't realize a literary psycho genius was so close...

This really IS newsworthy, by the way. The book is phenomenal. Gilliam's treatment can't miss. Watch out for squirrels.

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Anna said...

Hi, I didn't realize Tideland had been reprinted. I LOVE that book, and look forward to see the movie, too. Wanted to point out, though, that the first printing of the novel wasn't a "vanity-press product," as you stated, but was in fact from Dufour Editions, a highly respected, although small, publisher that has been around for a long, long time. They first published William Goyen's House of Breath.