31 March 2006

three cheers for homeland security

That is, actual "home/land" security, not that wankeriffic gaggle of powermad Chertoffian stormtroopers, millitia gangsters, and death-squads...this is much better.

As of about 4:45 yesterday, it became legal, official, binding, and quite real. Our signatures blessed a stack of papers nearly as tall as the house itself. Hands were shook. Congratulations were exchanged. A quickly improvised celebration meal was had at Brickskellers (bland pizza made most holy with two Maudite).

And so the deed is done. Friends & co-workers will be glad to suffer NO LONGER the house-hunting stories. Hawkins finally returns to the 'hood, after much gentrification, renovation, & sanitation.

Columbia Heights is almost indistinguishable from the place I knew in the 1980s, but still that nugget of neighborhoody goodness remains. I hope it will remain after that retail beast finally opens.

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