30 May 2006

White Chick

Summer in DC has finally unfurled like a hot, oily dishrag and all the people lie gasping beneath it in a haze of moist despair...

...or is it the sinking realization that NO amount of fascist, paranoid craziness on the part of the Bush regime will be sufficient to gel enough resistance to get that pimple-eyed stooge and his pack of sand-bagging hellhounds out of my city?

nurse! the sedative! for god's sake, get the sedative!

ehh, it's too hot for that level of reality. If there's any justice, they'll all find themselves whimpering like badly neutered dogs before the firing squads of Paradise... Hey, nobody said there wasn't a Judicial Branch in the Great Hereafter. Perhaps they have a "second-death" sentence?

Meanwhile, White Chick stands vigilant at the base of the stairs, waiting for the contractors to arrive. There will be fresh paint and some porch repairs to supervise this week.

Sit. Stay. Guard the house, White Chick...

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