03 October 2006

sky above, roof below

While we were enjoying the early turn of Autumn in Maine, there were gremlins at work back home...and praise Allah for that.

After many logistical twists & turns, we finally found and booked a decent roofing contractor to take care of certain, uh, weaknesses we discovered during the massive rains last June. You might recall that little adventure of building an improvised midnight bivouac with tarps and boards and misc. household items...

And so, as if by magic, we returned home to a lovely new reflective-surfaced torchdown bitumen roof above the main house, and an impressively impermeable EPDM rubber-surfaced roof over the extension in back. So now, we must find someone to rebuild the deck we (sadly) had to tear down for the smaller roof project. sigh.

The huge up-side of all this is, of course, we need not fear a little rain. Infact, it can rain all it bloody well wants to, now.

Anytime. C'mon...

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