22 October 2006

Splinters of victory on a concrete floor

Long after removing the filthy carpet, The last of those (evil, nasty, infernal, stubborn) tacking-strips have finally been pulled out of the cement basement floor. Now to patch the holes with ready-mixed concrete, then seal & paint the sucka.

The experience made one thing perfectly clear: We must now add the Superbar XL (manufactured by Vaughan & Bushnell) to the list of Sacred Wonders of Mankind. This list includes such items as duct tape, vice-grips, and WD-40. Without these items, humankind would be reduced to the level of mute centipedes.

But no! Back to the matter at hand! We were celebrating the last of the tacking-strips being ripped out of the concrete. So, a slight pause. With camera to capture the moment... and a beer, perhaps. Where's that flyer for Pizza Boli's...?

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