04 January 2007

mellow yellow...

.....or, rather, ECSTATIC yellow.

Having nothing to do with "yellow," the above photograph: Yet another fake sepia. This time, it's looking up at the corner of 21st and L Streets NW. The bare floors of the dead office building caught the afternoon light perfectly and resembled a huge, square ribcage...and the passing crow was a happy bonus. But what's all this "yellow" business?

I caught the metro this afternoon at Columbia Heights, heading downtown for an afternoon of freelance kicks at a local publishing house. The "kicks" were had, make no mistake...but what's THIS?!?!?

Ah yes... the much-reported Yellow Line extension has taken effect! It's a test program, I believe, so it's only effective during off-peak hours, but Great Freaking Ferret Cakes, Batman: Not facing a 15-minute wait for an in-bound Metro today was a pleasure unmatched by religion OR drugs...or any combination thereof.

So now, we in the 'Heights can take the Yellow all the way to friggin' National Airport if we wish--or, God forbid, Huntington. Off-peak hours, only. This, coupled with the smoking ban in DC bars & restaurants (which took effect at about the same time), have made our little corner of the cosmos even more pleasant than before.

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