07 February 2007

Zen and the art of freaking out

February 6, 2007 in Washington DC: highs somewhere in the 20s, with wind-chill somewhere in the bleakest pits of Satan's wine-cellar.

Came home to frozen pipes, which immediately justified ordering Chinese. Kung Pao makes a plumbing crisis go down with dignity.....or does it? Washington Gas advises us to crank the furnace, warm up the pipes, and leave all the taps dripping. It all resembles living in Syracuse a bit too much.

The final insult? No fortune cookies in the bag. Damn them all.


epota said...

So that's cold, eh? Last Sunday, our high was... zero. The low was, well, just a joke. Wind chills were almost -30. The most telling sign of the madness? I went out and ran almost 8 miles that day. Yes, it hurt.

Freezing moisture on old roof = moisture drifting down to walls = new roof in the spring + complete paint job for family room and kitchen.


hawkins said...

Now cut that out, mister popsicle-legs. It wasn't the indignity of having frozen pipes, as much as it was the whole no-fortune-cookie bit at the end of it all... It's like God itself looked down and smirked.

epota said...

Well, any fortune cookie in its right mind would have elected to stay put in the warmth of an Asian kitchen and not make that chilly journey in the food travel bag. Did you get any almond cookies? I hear they are less fickle. And more tasty.

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