27 April 2007

Railing against authority

Alright, it's been a long time since last post, and the dedicated readers of Intangible Arts (all three of you) may be wondering if there's still life in these old bones.

Alas, there is. We're not dead yet.

But due to a crush of deadlines at the day-job, there hasn't been much time to grease the old gray matter and make with the profound verbals. Thus, I offer an updated Gomez shot to pass the time. He's 17 weeks old today, and that raises a question. Perhaps my co-bloggers with kids can address this one:

At what point does one typically start referring to a child's age in months as opposed to weeks? I realize I'm no math whiz (or any kind of whiz, actually), but when I hear "seventeen weeks," it requires a rapid calculation...

uh....... that's.... what...... four months and a week. He's gotta be old enough to be in "months" by now.

Last week's vet visit included the last of his puppy shots, so now he can mingle with the dirty dogs of the world without fear of catching the plague. As well, he clocked in at a mighty 25 pounds, which means by the time we start measuring his age in YEARS, he should be about 470 pounds and roughly the size of a metrobus.

Can't wait for that one.


epota said...

You are most certainly in the "months" stage of age description now. Saying "weeks" is just too darned complicated and requires I carry my calculator.

But having a child did make me understand a bit better why other parents would say, "Johnny is 15 months old now," versus just rounding to a single year or 1.5 year answer: There is just so much growth taking place -- and a child who is 17 months can show a lot more in development than a child who is 14 months.

And if YOUR 14 month old child is showing more ingenuity than the 14 month old next door, you want the whole world to KNOW it... ;-)

(Kidding... although I know some aren't.)

Anithe said...

Definitely months, by now. I think we made the switch around sixteen weeks/four-ish months.

For future reference, I didn't start going with years until Boy Wonder turned three.

IntangibleArts said...

Many thanks, experts. Months it is. Although it is tempting to ditch "age" altogether and refer to his development in terms of metric tons...