05 September 2007

The return of 9353

It was an honor to have a hand in the new 9353 flyer, currently being ripped to shreds off walls across Montgomery County. Those uncooth Maryland bastards.

I do believe this will be a gig of the ages.

Paul (also of The Muffins and Thee Maximalists) is the new drummer for 9353 this time around, and he's a perfect fit for the band: Paul's style is jazzy, spontaneous, and INSANELY STRONG; he's the mad yeti in the room, and his brief association with Magma is clear; who else could beat the hell out of things next to a madman like Vander?

Anyway. Rumor has it the new 9353 has been practicing like beasts in a secret, subterranean laboratory in Baltimore for quite a while, and the result, to quote an insider, is F*CKED.....UP! ...in a good way, of course.

I'm expecting a magical show this Friday. Opening are King Giant and Rustbuckit. Friday, 7sept07 at the 9:30 club.

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Hey there - noticed the traffic and the link - thanks so much! Looks like we're neighbors and both designers as well...diggin the 9353 poster. Cheers!