03 October 2007

False face on Irving Street

I posted this shot to Flickr a while back but this place continues to amuse me, as I walk by it nearly every day. It's a new house going up on Irving Street at Sherman Ave; it's been under construction for quite a while.

At first, it was "amusing" simply because the design looked like it had been pulled out of some generic urban/infill goodie-bag, with no sense of harmony with the neighboring rowhouses. But then, the facade began to take shape and I had something new to puzzle over.

Bricks without bricks. Looks like the exterior facing will be false-bricks painted into a template. Not brick! They lie! They LIE!!!

Whenever the place is finished and sold (given the pace of construction and the state of the housing market, I'm betting late 2009), it's easy to picture the neighbors giving the new owners creepy sidelong glances... THEY KNOW those aren't bricks.

Future owner, we've watched your place develop from a slightly eccentric fetus into this....this.....this..... FrankenHouse... And we shall give you creepy sidelong glances when you get your mail and take out the trash... Because we must do these things.

Yes, we must.


DCDireWolf said...

I live on the fake brick block and we have commented a few times on the interesting facade choice.

However, anything is better than the half abandoned rat trap that was the building before they started re-habbing it.

Reya Mellicker said...

The house will be haunted by the spirits of real bricks. The people there will suffer from insomnia.

woe is them!!