11 October 2007

Links for the memories

Photo: Exquisitely restored Chevrolet Bel Air (my uneducated guess is 1956?), spotted on Sherman Avenue, NW Washington DC 11oct07.

Not much of substance to rant about, but it would be right to proclaim the newest additions to the link-list, for it is an honored place to be. Oh HELL yes. All links on IntangibleArts are personally safety-tested and are endorsed as Highly Groovy Things. A few recent inductees:

DC Soundclash is the online home of a collective of DJs currently spinning a cycle of three nights at Marx Cafe: Taking the Piss occurs on the penultimate Friday of every month and offers a mix of intelligent indie pop, early punk, psychedelic-mod-jangle-etc, amphetamine skiffle? All of the above. There's also Champion Superior Sound System (next one is 16nov), where you never know what the hell you'll hear: Caribbean spacerock nuevo-tango hip-hop psych-folk deep-funk? The mystery is the draw. The flagship event is Soundclash, on the last Friday of every month, with the best in trad Reggae, dub, and dancehall, often from choice vinyl 7" specimens lovingly hunted down by the DJs that week... The website represents all of this very well, with audio streams that preview the mixes for each gig. True DJ passion, rite.

The Gold Puppy is the new blog-home of Reya, who's previous "Gold Poppy" site was an easy favorite for its thoughtful meditations on life in a quiet Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Poppy was put to bed recently, but the bug never dies, does it? Re-launched as The Gold Puppy, her posts raise the bar for local bloggers for her quality of writing and sheer insight.

Prince of Petworth recently re-launched with a dedicated URL (no longer a wretched Blogger freebie like IntangibleArts! Ha!) and a new look. PoP represents our neighbors to the north nicely, with photos, analysis, interviews, random questions to the universe... And his dedicated tribe of Commenters keep it rocking, as well.

Delineate Design is the work of a DC graphic designer and illustrator, whose work covers marketing creative for print and web, as well as more experimental artforms and personal projects. Good stuff, I says.

The Vinyl District is an mp3 blog from another fellow graphic designer with a refreshingly diverse musical collection. Everything from Chet Baker to obscure 80s pop or 70s semi-underground punk and indie tunes. Each "morning wax" post offers a nice surprise.

BlueSausageInfant on MySpace? Great leaping Jeezus, man, what's this world coming to?


epota said...

What a great service you are providing. A quick hit on The Vinyl District was a blast from the past. Seeing mag covers from Creem and Circus? Yeesh! The days indeed. I, too, share a longtime fondness for the Sprouts and it was fun to see a plug for their re-issue. LIFE OF SURPRISES, for sure.

But what's with this BSI-on-MySpace thing? Man, you've made my day. During stressed out periods of the work day, I can link and pick up a tidbit or two of butt-kickin' psych-trance noise. Yee-ha!


Thank you for the kind words and the link. Cheers!

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow! I feel so cool being included with the other new links. As cool as a vintage red car parked on a black and white street. Thank you!!

(Love the pic! But ... if you had a vintage car, would you park it on the street anywhere in DC? I would never have the nerve!)