11 November 2007

Not the bookstore.

Apropos of nothing, the above photograph. Taken adjacent to the very fine Idle Time bookshop on 18th Street. Just don't push that button and ask for The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick. Just don't.

So I picked up a City Paper on Friday and discovered, much to my joy and horror, that OM will be playing this Tuesday at the Rock & Roll Hotel, with Jack Rose and Grails... All told, it would be an evening of righteous heavy psychedelia and potent mind-music, and just what this Intangibloid needs, to blow out the pipes after a long string of deadlines at work; deadlines which continue through this week. And there's the rub.

The body is older than it used to be. The prospect of going to a "show" on a Tuesday night has almost become a moral dilemma. It never used to be a moral dilemma, back when the infinite energy of YOUTH could handle such a thing with ease: going to work the next day with a faded hand-stamp and ears ringing, after only three hours' sleep, but having BEEN THERE... Seems like it used to be much easier.

Complicating matters is the fact that the R&R Hotel is located in the swiftly "revitalizing" H Street Corridor in Northeast DC. Not the easiest place to get to, in terms of Metro or bus. I used to walk through that area during lunch-breaks when I worked near Union Station, and the stink of potential danger was there. But I understand much has changed in the past 3 years. Of course, with Columbia Heights and much of Ward 1 in the news lately for gang-related bad craziness, I'm suddenly not the one to judge other neighborhoods. So be it.

Anybody been to this venue? Are they uptight about folks bringing cameras in there? OM is not likely to breeze through town again for a long while, so I'm tempted to git down there and shoot these suckers while they're here. I'd report back with slobbery glee, no doubt.

Stay tuned.


Reya Mellicker said...

I don't think there's anyplace on H Street that could be called uptight.

And as for dilemma, for me, going to hear live music is more of a physiological dilemma than anything that has to do with morals.

Wear earplugs. I started doing that a few years ago and it really helps.

I hope you go - carpe diem. Clean out those pipes!

Quisp-Quake said...

Hey there!!!
Om should be a lot of fun...I'd go if I were within 600 miles, but you know how it is...

However, don't miss Jack Rose...an AMAZING guitarist who's taking the acoustical thing into new stratospheres....saw him a couple months back, and at Terrastock last year...Both times were truly gorgeous...

As for the toll on the body, well, don't know what to tell ya...For me, sometimes I'm rejuvenated and even though crunchy the next day, I can slog on happily. But, sometimes, I'm just plain crunchy and not too damned happy about it...Don't know which will happen to you (one of life's quests!).

Glad ya liked the Halloween pix...lot of fun, but we're STILL TIRED two weeks later...Finally got everything down yesterday...

See ya!!!

IntangibleArts said...

Carpe Diem indeedy!

Quispy: I've been following OM pretty intensely for a while (based on David Tibet's comments on a recent Brainwashed podcast, & playing some) -- Awesome stuff. Havent heard Jack Rose, though I've heard his name quite a bit.

One huge discovery has been GRAILS, though. Picked up their BURNING OFF IMPURITIES lp, and it's phenomenal. It's like the softer side of THE SPACIOUS MIND, but every bit as mindbending.