25 November 2007

This Gomez goes to eleven.

23november: Nice how the protective car backseat-cover can work like a photographer's seamless backdrop thingie... Gomez rides home following a mammoth sprint at the dog park in Adams Morgan, DC.

He's just about eleven months old now: still very much a puppy, but has the body of a lurching oaf. Easy to forget he's still a burbling infant spaz. I'm betting he hits 70 pounds before long.

Most of that weight would be in the mouth, by the look of it.

We're still tempted to stage a hugely obnoxious first-year birthday party next month. Something to blow his mind all to goofy pieces. There can be no better way to bounce in the new year, eh?


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Reya Mellicker said...

Gomez is SO cute! Why not have a birthday party for him?

Yesterday was Jake's 12th birthday. He's an old geezer now, hardly interested in squirrels anymore, and only willing to walk so far before he gives me a look that says (in no uncertain terms), "I'm ready for my nap now, Mr. DeMille." His breath is so awful it's hard to describe, his leg shakes when he takes a pee ... but ... even though he's old, I still love him every bit as much as I ever did, which is as much as any woman can love a dog, i.e. a lot.

Give Gomez a nice scratch behind the ears for me, ok?