15 January 2008


The strip connecting Howard University and the Petworth Metro is in the midst of a spasm of activity these days: The new E.L.Haynes school is springing up with great speed (and architectural weirdness...more on that later) and the condo/retail block above New Hampshire Ave is finally showing progress. Of course there's the change of ownership at Temperance Hall, and who knows what else is brewing.

Now, it looks like somebody's secured financing to build some apartments and new retail on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Kenyon Street.

Which is fine, of course. Perhaps even great. But once again, I find myself staring up at the architect's rendering of the finished project, scratching my head in disbelief. It's hard to imagine seeing THAT, in three dimensions, on that corner.

Georgia & Kenyon isn't a BAD block, but it ain't world-class, either. It's just a decent working-class slab of DC. Sure it could use improvement, but it's real.

But the building in the rendering: Is that real? Will it be real? Here? It should be interesting, and it looks like the cranes are here to stay for a while.


SteveNDC said...

If the Central Union Mission has its way, it will offset any change to the character of Georgia Ave. from all the re/development occurring between Howard University and the Petworth Metro Station. CUM wants to sell its property at 14th and R and build a new 170+ bed shelter in the 3500 block of Georgia Ave. near Monrone St. A contract already exists on the current property, but its contingent on CUM getting approval to build the new shelter. The planned new location is two blocks south of the charter school and four blocks north of Kenyon. I can't imagine anything quite like 170 homeless men being turned out into the neighborhood every morning (mission policy) for keeping it real.

IntangibleArts said...

Thanks for bringing that up: I was wondering what the status of the CUM was, after months of intense listserv debate, the trail went cold. Wasn't sure if it was a done deal or not. And after digging through endless threads, I could never find a specific location for the proposed shelter.

I'm certainly not disputing the value of such shelters but this location seems like a bad move for everyone.

I'm sure it'll continue to be a nice little bomb of tension in the 'hood until it's finally done. Or not.

Lamont Street's Finest said...

Central Union Mission Update - under the new Georgia Avenue overlay zone, the Mission needs special exception approval to build on their lot because it's over 12,000sf (more like 18,000sf). The BZA will hear the case on Tuesday 2/19 at 9:30am. It is crucially important that you 1) write a letter in opposition (our goal is 50 letters) and 2) attend the hearing. The hearing will not be open to the public but a large turnout is key to showing solidarity on this issue. The address to write to and show up at is the following:
Board of Zoning Adjustment
DC Office of Zoning
441 4th Street, NW
Suite 210 South
Washington, DC 20001
RE: Case # 17717

The criteria for a special exception are that it does not adversely impact the adjacent properties and furthers the goals of the corridor plan, so focus on these criteria in your letter. Community leaders are optimistic that we can beat this so please write, show up and spread the word! Email to join this yahoo group to stay up to date: GARDS-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Anonymous said...

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