17 January 2008

Reality will be shattered quite soon.

How to destroy reality in three easy steps:

1. Write a post here at IntangibleArts (this very one, in fact), which links (right here, in fact) to a guest post I've written on the very awesome Prince of Petworth blog. (Many thanks to the good Prince, by the way.)

2. Above-mentioned guest post at PoP links back to IntangibleArts.

3. Follow the path of intersecting links and wait for the inevitable black hole, and/or gash to develop in the fabric of space/time. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the apocalypse.

It's been a good run, reality. I've enjoyed at least some of it. See you on the other side...


Philosophic Bard said...

Great article! I love that dog, and I've never even met him!

As far as reality's concerned, let me know if you manage to tweak, twist, or otherwise alter its fabric. I've been trying for years to no avail.

Reya Mellicker said...

First day turns to night, and now reality is shattered. As an ex hippie, I am delighted. Thank you.

Great article and it was fun to see one part of your face as well as Gomez as a tiny pup. Awww!! Both of you are so cute.