29 February 2008


Great scorching locust-toes, mommy!

14th street at Irving NW, Washington DC: After many months of construction at the DC USA site, it would appear that we have our sidewalk back. Clappeth thine hands, and do proclaim YAY, my friends:

No more slithering along a weathered, improvised walkway of jersey barriers that stink of urine, while taxis and Metrobuses do battle with inbound commuters from Silver Spring along the constricted lanes... The west side of 14th street is pedestrian-friendly again. SCREW the Target, Best Buy, and all that: THIS is cause to celebrate. It's like Christmas in Paradise, mofos.

ALSO: Having nothing to do with all that: Dig some crazy sounds at The Vinyl District, where I've supplied a head-spinning guest post of audio heaviness. Take a trip down mammary lane...


epota said...

While I can't quite wrap my mind around the visual of locust toes, I can certainly sense the glee in your announcement.

As a suburban-dweller, we DRIVE past everything. There is hardly ever an opportunity where one can walk to their destination -- due to distance between points or just the traffic peril.

I did chuckle at the sight of the Target, though. I've never seen this establishment when it wasn't just a gigantic rectangular monstrosity sitting alone along a busy street -- or part of a strip mall configuration. Fun to see how these stores fit into the more dense landscape of a city like DC.

Anonymous said...

I was very, perhaps too, excited to walk on the liberated sidewalks the other day. How long has it been? Plus, its nice to be able to look in the windows.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope the extra cars and trucks expected around the area don't use this new space to speed up and knock off pedestrians. I walk by there every day and see both people jaywalking (paying no attention to crosswalk signs) and drivers trying to beat red lights at that complex intersection at Park and 14th. Then there's people on bikes. Should be interesting.

poo poo said...

hawkwind album with giant poster....
is this the one you mention?

ebay item #300204187449

IntangibleArts said...

The one I mentioned at Vinyl District is X In Search of Space (1971), which also folded out similar to that one.

The one on eBay is, by the way, the GREATEST freaking live album of all time. "Space Ritual" was Hawkwind at the peak of their powers; Dave Brock & Lemmy driving a beastly huge wall of psychedelic heavy rock. I've got my vinyl copy and it sounds much better even than the UA remastered CD version.

A desert-island favorite, to be sure.

poo poo said...

oh man!

yer making me burn a hole in my wallet.

drats, you! and drats ebay!


Anonymous said...