09 February 2008


It unfolded like one of the great Viking Sagas, I tell you...

The greater DC area Boxer Meetup for February was today, at a fenced dog park in Annandale, Virginia. It was a long haul for us DC folks, but not bad. Gomez wasn't driving anyway, so he had no reason to complain.

Some 37 members of the meetup group had sent a positive RSVP through the website, so I figured if even a decent percent turned up, it would be a swirling vortex of BOXER MADNESS.

But they came. A polite trickle at first, and then.....

Xerxes (the fawn) came from nowhere, it seemed, and he had chosen Gomez (the brindle) for the great smackdown of the century.

Gomez snapped into action at the first hint of challenge: Put yer paw on ME, eh fawnie? I'll have your nose for lunch! Bwah!

But no! Xerxes deploys the great Kung Fu Freakout Paw technique, in an attempt to stun Gomez with rancid Kung Fu extremism! It is like a puppy-toe that points to the moon...

NO, I shout to Gomez: Don't look at the puppy-toe, or you'll miss ALL THE HEAVENLY GLORY!

Gomez gets the Enter the Dragon reference right away and snaps out of his stupor just in time to deliver a Johnny Sokko/Flying Robot-style superpunch that sends Xerxes reeling back, smashing several of Tokyo's office buildings to rubble! Oh the humanity!

Panting with fatigue, the warriors nod to each other; a wordless agreement of stalemate. We are boxers. We are awesome. This fight cannot be won. This is a total, like, mutually-assured-destruction trip we're on, man, yeah...

NO! Super-uncool fakeout technique! Xerxes signals to his henchman Boxer X (didn't get his name), and the two overwhelm Gomez in a shocker flipout wrestling move! I shall call it The Flying Fungus! What will become of Gomez now?!!?

He laughs at the sunlight in total idiotic glory: What the hell were we fighting about again?


Philosophic Bard said...

How epic! How utterly dishonorable of Xerxes and Boxer X!! You have fought well, young Gomez. You have brought honor to your family. Your ancestors smile on you this day. (Imagine all that with a REALLY bad dub.)

Reya Mellicker said...

OMG!! Fantastic pics. Boxers are such bombastic animals. The pics look like a Boxer version of RAW.

I salute you, Gomez. You are mighty!!

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

Total Glory! Winners All.
First and all other prizes: All the sunshine they want!

(Way to go, Gomez)