21 February 2008

Ode to a road

Yesterday brought us a couple of natural wonders: A (crippling, apocalyptic) light dusting of snow (that's Franklin Square in the photo, at about 5:30pm), and a rather nice lunar eclipse, which reached totality at about 10:05pm. Two harbingers of doom for you.

I expect the local scene to be in chaotic disarray today, as the residents of DC's suburbs struggle to commute into the city while maintaining their flimsy grasp on sanity:

...and the eclipse drove a nest of evil spirits into my BRAIN!

We shall see.

In the meantime, dig my guest post at Prince of Petworth. Take a virtual, leisurely stroll down my home stretch of Georgia Avenue. Have some curried chickpeas and buy a children's record with unintentional drug-references...


Reya Mellicker said...

I love curried chickpeas.

Nice shot of Franklin Square, too. That's right around the corner from the office of the Sufi acupuncturist's office. Is this where you work?

IntangibleArts said...

Close. My office is at Thomas Circle, so if I've missed the 14th Street bus after work & I'm feeling feisty, I'll walk that way to Chinatown & catch the 7th Street route.

But let me know if you're up in this 'hood around a weekday lunchtime--I've been looking for a good excuse to get into Mayur Kebab...And perhaps score a curried chickpea or two...