31 March 2008

The Spirit of 79!

Just a brief item of extremely local interest...

Metrobus launched the "MetroExtra" route 79 a while back as a pilot program to gauge interest in a limited-stop commuter route. It runs every ten minutes (in theory) during rush hours, between the Silver Spring and Archives metro stations.

The 79 is a lovely thing, making a quick dash down Georgia Avenue, past Howard University and to points downtown, using maybe one sixth of the typical bus stops on that route.

I just noticed these signs today, posted at stops along the 79: Looks like they're finally expanding service to the off-peak hours as well (9:30am-3pm, and 6:30-7pm). The extended service will run every 12 minutes.

This is great news. I was hoping "the spirit of 79" would catch on, and they'd cover non rush times. I'm sure there are a few other major routes that could benefit from such a thing.

All who commute by bus on Georgia may now join me in a whooping hooray thing.

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