30 April 2008

Fun with home vivisection

Wikipedia defines vivisection as "any experimental cutting of, or surgery on, a living organism. More broadly, the term is often used today to describe any experiment upon living animals."

So we're talking about the broader definition here: No cutting, but definitely experimenting.

Firstly: One of the two creatures in the photo ATE A LIVE BUMBLEBEE this morning. And it wasn't the handsome chap on the right.

This, on top of the fact that we're now 24 hours into weaning him onto Science Diet's Lamb & Rice formula, should be interesting (Science Diet products are legendary for their ability to produce, uh, explosive digestive conditions if not introduced gradually into a dog's diet).

So now we've got a potentially volatile food in there, with a pissed-off bumblebee ghost sitting on top of it. The quintessential "recipe for disaster"?

And who said animal experimentation wasn't great fun?

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