14 April 2008

weeding is fundamental

Holy organic crap, batman, when did this happen?

The 'mingoes in the flowerbed mysteriously know when spring has arrived. Some kind of natural psychic sense...or something equally mysterious.


epota said...

Ah-ha! The mystery is solved. These creatures disappeared without warning after having inhabited sections of our backyard in Winfield in the late 90s. Then starting one spring, they were not to return again.

Clearly it must have just been a slow migration period from about 2000-2008 to reach downtown DC. Glad you're all safe and sound, boys!

[The real story is that they just didn't make it through a 4th year of storage at the old house...]

Reya Mellicker said...

It was hard to notice all the growth on the gloomy days, but now that the sun's out, I notice that the trees are leafing and stuff is growing everywhere!

All hail the life force!