29 May 2008

Gomez Explains Binary Code

Gomez Explains Binary Code: A humble boxer demonstrates his grasp of computer arithmetic with zen-like precision.

In other news:

Dunkin Donuts has pulled a web ad featuring a photo of Rachael Ray, because it offends Fox News pundits. Michelle Malkin said Ray's paisley scarf resembles a Keffiyeh (middle-eastern headdress), and Fox News was quick to "educate" the American public that these scarves are the fingerprint of Palestinian terrorism.

That's right: Donut-eaters are now supporting worldwide terrorism. I'm lookin' at YOU, mister jelly-filled! You're in league with RACHAEL RAY! That giggling pixie is Guantanamo bound, and not a moment too soon!

Christ on a crapper, people!

Is it any wonder why Americans are seen as the over-privileged idiots of the world? If THIS is worthy of outrage, it would be fair to sack the talking heads of Fox News because they "could be mistaken" for actual journalists.

And finally:

Head over to Prince of Petworth, where my latest guest post went up yesterday: a brief examination (with some selfish navel-gazing) about the McMillan Reservoir, and its place in the neighborhood. Good stuff.

You gonna finish that donut? I didn't bring lunch today...


sixfive said...

found your site while searching for dc dog parks...great blog. And I agree on this Rachel Ray BS of course (I like those scarves..take me away now!)

Reya Mellicker said...

We ARE the overpriviledged idiots of the world.

"christ on a crapper" ?? That's great! Never heard the expression.

IntangibleArts said...

sixfive: thanks! and yeh: i had one of those scarves myself, when living in syracuse (it's insanely cold up there and the keffiyeh was really cheap; and it was, at least, more legitimately keffiyeh-ish, whereas Ray was sporting some paisley thing)

gah! humanity is a-makin me crazy.

Reya: The crapper expression was invented for this post...Must've been a heat-of-the-moment thing.

Feel free to use it yourself: I can draw up a rights-managed contract whereby the usage fee would be based upon how many times you say it, and the number of people you're speaking to. If anyone is recording the conversation, that would incur an extra fee.

hey, I work with photographers and illustrators. I learn from the best.