25 May 2008

IT MUST be a sign...

Went to the DC United team store at RFK Friday afternoon to get some shirts. I wasn't going to make it to the match against Toronto on Saturday, but had to do SOMETHING to put a little blessing in the air... Had do my part to feed the hungry gods and help beat the 4-match losing streak. On my way out, saw one of the old Gomez stickers from a year or two ago. Sure he isn't with United anymore but his legend looms large.

And we ended up beating Toronto FC 3-2.

So I offer a sincerely big thanks to magic t-shirts, the ghost of Christian Gomez, and of course the fine work of Peralta/Moreno/Emilio for the three goals (viddie well, brother. Viddie well.)

1 comment:

Reya Mellicker said...

The gods really are hungry, aren't they?

Well done!