04 June 2008

AIPAC of wolves in the halls of power

M and 9th Streets NW, Washington DC: Big-head war-criminal Bushie and a Code Pink activist duke it out like champions outside the Washington Convention Center during this morning's bit of the AIPAC conference.

As I was strolling past on my way to work, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and House minority leader John Boehner were inside the Convention Center doing.... whatever it was they were doing in there.

AIPAC? That's what this was?

Living in DC encourages news-junkie behavior, and I'm as guilty as anyone. But I need to detox once in a while, and go into a self-imposed current-events exile. It's like a purification ceremony.

Thus, I've been in total news-blackout mode for a while, and I had no idea the big American/Israeli dry-humping fest was going down. All I knew was, for the past three days, there have been an UNGODLY amount of chartered buses traveling in police-escorted convoys across downtown, to and from the Convention Center.

I hop off the 79 bus at 9th and M for work, so that puts me in the thick of the action in the morning. Yesterday, I finally looked past the dozen or so idling buses at the fluttering banner and saw it was the annual American/Israel policy conference.

Ah. Okay, so that explains it.

But still, I don't care who you are: Congress-folk, executive branch, visiting foreign heads of state: Ain't NOBODY important enough to warrant all that noise and gridlock.

These are supposed to be the leaders of democratic nations, right? So how the hell can they be expected to sensibly govern the "free world" if they're carted around like emperors? Sends the wrong message, says I.

If you're a high-ranking diplomat and you're due to attend or speak at a conference of global importance, just book a room at a decent hotel somewhat close to the venue and get there early, like any of us normal peons would. Jesus Christ, y'all, you'd think there was an air-strike on Capitol Hill or something.

And that's another thing: seems like it's wasting the DC Police Department's time, putting too many officers on duty guarding empty buses while they idle outside the convention center.

At least Code Pink was there to lighten the mood this morning.


erin*carly said...

i was wondering why i saw three empty charter busses being escorted by the police the other day at 4th and E NW (Judiciary Square). i thought maybe they were going to move the chinese nationals living at that old Days Inn on New York Avenue.

Reya Mellicker said...

I worry about what the Code Pink people will do once Obama is our president. Where will they focus their formidable, cheerful energy?

Since you're coming out of your news blackout, be sure to check out Tom Toles's cartoon this morning (Friday). Made me cry.

I feel the Obama-inspired hope. Incredible!

Steve said...

Amen!! I couldn't agree more, on all counts.

(LOL..."American-Israeli dry-humping fest")

lettuce said...

Yeah, no argument here.

a couple of our politicians famously cycle to work
but then are slated if they cross red lights...

oh, except one (can't remember who) famously cycled as a PR stunt with his limo following behind carrying his briefcase