02 June 2008

Behold the Trash People

Diggit: A temporary exhibit of sculptures by HA Schult, in the courtyard at the National Geographic building on L Street NW in Washington DC. Rows of slightly larger-than-life-size human figures, whose flesh seems oddly familiar...

Schult's "Trash People" was originally installed in 1996 in Germany and included one thousand such human figures, constructed from items retrieved from a dump in Cologne.

The figures will also be visiting Manhattan and Antarctica, where I'm sure they'll disturb and vaguely creep out tourists and penguins, in turn. But they're here in DC until the 8th of June.

It's a fascinating thing to walk slowly between the bodies and dig the details; a crushed tin of meat here, soda-can there, computer motherboard, odd bits of glass... the detritus of humanity, molded to resemble humanity. Bitterly fascinating.


Steve said...

Antarctica? What's the thinking behind taking the exhibit to Antarctica? (They do look interesting and slightly creepy.)

Reya Mellicker said...

They're scary, but so cool that someone put trash into an interesting form.

lettuce said...

wow, these are great.

horrible but also great

mouse (aka kimy) said...

damn I'm gonna miss these ....I'm not back to dc until end of june. maybe I can get a flight to the antarctica, well, perhaps nyc... is there a post somewhere on the touring schedule?

love outsider art....although I don't know if ha schult would be considered an outsider artist.... must check him out

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