23 June 2008

Gomez is a hose ho.

AND NAAH, the spray wasn't that hard.

As I suppose anyone knows,
one must protect a hose-ho's nose,
with it being so exposed,
as Gomez the hose-ho's nose is.

But as the summer heat grows
and the garden hose flows,
a hose-ho's nose will strike a pose:
to get the ever-lovin' snot blown out of it.

ah, joy.


Reya Mellicker said...

Jake used to love to bite the spray of water coming out of hoses. He really got into it, snapping at the stream of water over and over. Sometimes he would even growl and run around in circles, then come back for another "bite."

What a crazy dog!

Steve said...

I wanted to write a clever poem as a comment, but I just can't compete. :)

lettuce said...

hahaha - laughing at steve's comment. i got half way through a possible clever poem comment but it was rubbish.