30 July 2008

Sonic Circuits 2008: a teaser

DC is about to host one of the most crucial celebrations of experimental music in the country. Again. We are truly blessed.

This year's Sonic Circuits festival is stirring in the womb and the contractions have started already, with a series of benefit concerts at the Pyramid Atlantic art space in Silver Spring. The first of these was held on July 13th with TL0741, Pinko Communoids, and a Violet + BLK w/Bear collaboration. A second benefit has been set for August 24th (performers TBA).

The flyer above is just a teaser (another classic by IntangibleArts, click it for mo' bigga). The full schedule is still being worked out, but we do have the span of dates and the names of some of the heavy-hitters in the lineup. There will be many more added to the list in the weeks to come, not the least of which is IntangibleArts' own BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT, scheduled for the fest's opening night at the Velvet Lounge.

Watch this space or the festival homepage [here] for updates. In the meantime, get cranked for a week of unexplainable, unpredictable, and irreproduceable music in early October. And go to the benefit on August 24th. Abandon all expectations and embrace raw adventure with your malleus, your incus, and yes, even your stapes.

To whet the appetite, a brief slice of the July 13 benefit at the Pyramid Atlantic: A bit of turntable collaboration between Violet and BLK w/BEAR:

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