22 July 2008

The Truck Stops Here

A random scene: P Street NW, Washington DC: looking west from 14th. A summer evening. Hotter 'n hell, as the painted lads used to sing...

Day-job deadlines have ruled the days (and nights) for a while, hence things have been pretty quiet around here. But the clouds have parted and updates will follow. The magazine is out the door as of 7pm today, winging its way to the printer.

Breathe. Breathe.

Yes. Updates will follow, not the least of which will be the conclusion of the gripping WASA saga, with the lead-pipe replacement project as reported earlier.

And oh yes, it's a gripping saga alright.

Much is planned for the near future here at the Intangible Arts Ashram, Bodega, and Sleep Deprivation Chamber, so stay tuned goddammit.

Your humble narrator will not abandon you.

1 comment:

Steve said...

We're all waiting with bated breath! :)