15 August 2008

Strut yer mutt, Civil-War style

Local nonprofit Cultural Tourism DC has been busy...

Their latest effort is the Brightwood Heritage Trail, which will be unveiled in a public ceremony at 10am tomorrow. Following that will be the inaugural stroll, with some entertaining pitstops along the way: Civil War re-enactors will be on hand to answer questions and maybe terrorize people with muskets (it turns out Brightwood was the site of DC's one Civil War battle), there will also be live jazz at Emory United Methodist Church (Quackenbos & Georgia, 11am), restaurants and businesses will provide free drinks & discounts, etc. It sounds like a fine time, and a great way to pick up on the stories behind our familiar streets.

Brightwood is a wee bit north of typical Intangible stomping-grounds, but it's close. (WONDER CHICKEN needs to do up some t-shirts...their sign and logo is friggin' sacred). The weather should be phenomenal: cooler, less humid. No excuses.

ALSO: We must not forget the MUTT STRUT. Starting at noon in front of Little Rascals at Georgia and Missouri, dogs (and their owners) are encouraged to do a bit of the stroll, after which Little Rascals will provide water & treats for the beasts.

The Brightwood Heritage Trail includes 18 illustrated signposts in a winding route from 14th and Kennedy to Georgia Avenue and Peabody Street. Cultural Tourism DC's project director informs me that Columbia Heights is due for a Heritage Trail as well; we'll have to wait about a year for that one. A total of seventeen such trails are planned, the next one being Deanwood.

So stay tuned, intrepid local history buffs. In the meantime, check CTDC for details on Saturday's festivities here.

[photo: a much younger Gomez, totally refusing to 'strut' down 18th street after getting the Cold Thermometer treatment at the vet.]

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