29 June 2005

No place like Dome

Typical lunchbreak view from roof-deck of my office. Looking south, eleven floors above North Capitol Street. A mighty fine pub (Dubliner) lives on the ground floor of the brick building to the right. (all magazine publishing gigs lead to fresh pints of Guinness...it's a fact of life...a law of nature...don't fight it).


mick said...

I've been to DC twice, and loved it both times. I'm sure its a great place to carry around a camera. If you havn't seen it already, there is an excellent photoblog from a guy in DC here:


hawkins said...

thanks mick -
and i've been lurking straymatter.com for a bit--great stuff! Speaking of photography (of a sort)--One strange development in town is the security camera. They're everywhere. There's even one in that rooftop shot, (the globe lens pointing down, mounted on a black stalk like some devil orchid). I'm thinking about running around town, taking artful portraits of JUST the security cameras, as a tribute to our public paranoia...