14 July 2005

Alaska #3

Haines, AK. Population 2800 but feels like twelve. One of the locals gives me the cold eye, in this very pleasant, quiet town. The ship seems weirdly out of place here, as do the Clean Laundry People that seep out of it and onto the land like a cartoon oil-spill...

Back on the boat after a day of prowling Haines, and my Alaskan Brewing Company passport is finally full of stamps. I get a free hat. I have worked hard to achieve this. I get a free hat. Yes. The Summer Ale made it a most comfortable quest.

Lido deck, Statendam. One of my favorite shots of the trip, and a totally lucky capture. Not sure what the diva kid is upset about, jeez...turn around & dig that mountain!

Part 4 here.

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