24 August 2005

Be Where?

Alas, no inspired prose this time. A recent series of work-related deadlines has left me numb and lifeless in the world. To reflect this, I offer the above Public Health Warning, as etched by a concerned citizen at the Silver Spring Metro station. Beware. That's all... just..... beware.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend's Progday in North Carolina. I'm not familiar with many of the bands on the bill, though I am fiercely interested in The Spacious Mind, who seem to be flying the SpaceRock banner as well as anyone. Other acts include Happy the Man, Mike Keneally, Glenn Phillips (founding member of Hampton Grease Band), Far Corner, and others... I'll be there with the camera & 2GB to fill. Expect a full report upon my return.

Until then, fellow Silver Springers, beware...

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