15 August 2005

Contest! Contest!

NMAI's National Powwow was held this weekend, in downtown DC -- It was good to see such a vibrant turnout, both in audience and in participating tribes. Folks from Alaska to Central America were there in style, to stomp the floor of the MCI Center down into the earth. The contest songs (pictured at top) were appropriately brutal--the best contest drumming I've heard since Bad Medicine beat the dancers to smithereens at the Wa:ak powwow in Tucson several years ago.

For those who missed it and desperately need a Drum Fix, The 31st annual Baltimore Powwow will be held 26-28th of August. It'll be outdoors & much more intimate than the monster NMAI event --

Infinite thanks to the drummers, dancers, and all remote cousins who came here and covered our arrogant monster city with light and true power...

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Bonnie said...

Just read an old blog of yours about powwows, great. You should come to the Taos Pueblo Powwow here in New Mex!