11 September 2005

Adams Morgan Day

...also known as the 18th Street Festival. This entry could also be called "Images of Adams Morgan Day: the Round-Things-on-the-Right Edition". I didn't realize it until I got the pix home, but I had a strange tendency to compose subjects on the right -- particularly round shapes. Gumbo pots, obligatory self-portraits in Weird Reflecto Lawn Globe Thingies, even the more subtle yellow balls in the dunk-the-dude game... Could mean something is misfiring on one side of my brain. One oar isn't fully in the water.

...perhaps this explains nearly a lifetime of thinking in circles.

The wee munchkin promoting Adrian Fenty's run for Mayor was a nice bonus, also composed to the right. Jeez. Perhaps there's a perscription remedy for this kind of thing. Everything we humans do is the result of a treatable syndrome now, innit?

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