18 September 2005

The March of the Devil Elf

Alas the poor Devil Elf, cursed to walk the streets of DC endlessly under a shroud of polythene and duct tape. The suffering thing passed me here, on Independence Avenue, under the maternal shade of that Great White Bossom of Democracy, Thee Capitol, while mumbling vile obscenities in an Elfin tongue.

...or maybe the DC Department of Works just wrapped up a fire hydrant and left it for dead. Who knows why. Let the poor thing breathe.

In other news, I'm still waiting impatiently for the release of Tideland, which promises to be Terry Gilliam's latest surreal masterpiece. The Brothers Grimm is what I'd call "Gilliam Lite," or "entry-level Gilliam". We've seen what he's capable of (Brazil, Fear & Loathing, etc), and Grimm barely scratched the surface. A story like Mitch Cullin's "Tideland" is just BENT enough to deliver the strangeness we all crave.

There was also a solid rumor of Gilliam's involvement in a film version of Good Omens, the novel by Gaiman & Pratchett. That, too, would be worthy of a feverish & obsessive wait.

ALSO: For those who dig the new breed of psychedelic folk noise (as i am, thanks to Perky Pat and his Six Organs of Admittance CDs, damn you!), The Free Folk Phastasmagory II festival is coming to 611 Florida next week. No Six Organs this time, but Jack Rose, the fabulous Fursaxa, a fragment of Stone Breath, etc etc etc... it promises to be a fantastic day of improv freakout music and gentle space.

Anyway, if you go, watch for the psychedelic starchild, swaying on the floor like an autistic fruitcake and drooling on his (forgotten) camera...that would be me. Don't call the authorities, I'll be fine.

With luck, I'll have the presence of mind to take a few photos. Watch this space for updates...or links to the police report. Either way, entertainment is guaranteed.

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