27 September 2005

Hail the Rise of Fall...

......at long last, Autumn is born.

The sweltering madness of summer over. The Sun King has died again, his body fading into the westward skies in a grave of ashes. Cool breezes remain, and we find comfort in the shadows. This is the greatest of seasons, still full of summer's muscle yet pregnant with the melancholy genius of winter.

Observing it all is the Green Man (above), stationed at the US Bontanic Garden on the Mall in Washington DC. He is most commonly associated with the Druid tradition, and personifies the intelligent, magical aspect of Nature.

The Green Man's presence at the heart of our Nation's Capital stresses an important point in our national heritage: This is not a Christian nation by default. Several of our beloved "founding fathers" either wrote, endorsed, or signed the Treaty of Tripoli, which stated (article 11) rather succinctly, "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." What's the point, exactly?

Firstly, celebrate the coming of Autumn, for it is very groovy.

Secondly, beware this age of Arrogant Empire. The stink of danger is in the air, and it ain't the Druids, folks.


Anonymous said...

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hawkins said...

Holy heck, Mister Anonymous. Your wisdom doth smells of potted meat product.