13 March 2006

IDIOTAROD 2006: washington dc

Like the more popular Alaskan "Iditarod", this race requires raw stamina, bravery, and a heroic tolerance for beer. The idea is simple: A shopping cart, a theme, and a team. As many as possible. Freakishly racing through the streets towards the next destination and its pint of ale...

According to legend, the first IDIOTAROD was some 15 years ago in San Francisco. Since then, it has migrated to NYC and now, praise all that's holy, our own humble city.

The gathering of warriors took place outside The Front Page on New Hampshire Avenue at Dupont Circle, and exploded from there. Secret destinations (pubs) were handed out, and for the next four hours, bespangle'd shopping carts and hooting, costumed revellers were everywhere. Dignity in tatters, connecting the dots in an beer-soaked race to tie all the participating bars together before returning home as champions.

The most intriguing cart team was the FSM gang; devotees of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism (pictured above at the finish, holding aloft a sacred effigy of their noodly master). They came with propoganda and all the Pastafarian splendor you would expect from the Semolina Zealots. Utterly righteous.

It was almost as if the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself (itself?) approved of the whole scene: the day was a freakish 77 degrees...the first truly warm day of the year.

So we went blinking into the sunlight, to watch these true athletes confuse the tourists and locals alike. All teams eventually came to rest at TomTom on 18th Street, where further ale was poured, and the shopping carts dispersed......

I have seen the Olympics and it is us.

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Anonymous said...

As a devoted follower of FSM, i am honored that you are willing to mention Hisself in your blog, thank you

hawkins said...

anonymous: And as a devoted follower of devotees, i am honored that the followers of Monsterism (flying spaghetti or otherwise) graced the day! It really made it.....IT.