05 March 2006

Don't eat the shiny things

Another slow news week.

Still obsessing over the house hunt: We've received verbal acceptance of Offer no.2, and are currently bumbling about in a void of stagnant waiting. Put that "verbal acceptance" to paper and FAX IT, dadgarn it!

We sneer viciously at the apartment now, and the shadow of "finality" is all over it. It is doomed. We have seen the demise of The Apartment in our lives, and the building reeks of the expectation of death. If all goes well, we shall say FAREWELL to particle-board-and-veneer countertops, to linoleum, to the window-view onto a stale, lifeless parking lot...

In the meantime, the Agents of Weirdness were handing out some strange new specimen of Packaged Breakfast Food to commuters at the chinatown metro station (inset photo). Anything that comes in such shiny packages MUST be carcinogenic. At least mildly so.

Meanwhile, the Untouchable Fembots witness it all from the immaculate safety of the shop windows. Somehow, that shot looked more menacing in grayscale.

Through it all, I found the strength to avoid the gently carcinogenic shiny breakfast samples, and lived another day...

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