21 June 2006

Give the po' man a face

Apparently the theme this week is small-yet-meaningful graffiti. Here we have a nice improvement to a statue in Adams Morgan. They appear to be very happy. Or at least, the large one does. We at IntangibleArts wish them the very best.

No earth-shattering agenda this time. Just A few random observations:

- Rep. Cynthia McKinney will not be charged for her recent episode of striking a Capitol Police officer. This is understandable, I suppose, but she should at least be HANGED for her assinine public behavior after the incident. Such arrogance should be restricted to the Awesome People. We know who we are.

- ABKCO Films has obtained the rights to reissue three of Alejandro Jodorowsky's most infamous films on DVD. These include Holy Mountain, El Topo, and Fando y Lis. This is fabulous news. Faithful Jodorowsky fans have been waiting AGES for somebody to do this. These films are among the most important and transgressive ever made, and thus aren't for everybody; the first 30 minutes of El Topo is enough to reduce your brain to a pillowcase of butterflies. It's that good. Makes Fellini look like bloody Ron Howard. Watch this space for further updates.

- I have no idea what the fire-trucks were here for last night, and by the looks of it, neither did the firemen.

- After sixteen years in publishing, I've finally won my first trade association award for magazine "design excellence." Of course I never actually entered any contests until last year, so the significance of this event is borderline meaningless. But hey, the ASBPE never even had design categories until 2005, so it's a total gas to finally stand in the winner's circle for a change. It's a pity that the winning entry pre-dated the re-design. Compared to what we're doing now, the winning cover looks like total crap, so it's a bittersweet honor at best. Next year, I'll try for the Ozzies and maybe a Jesse Neal award. Remember what I said about arrogance, my friend...some of us have earned the right.

- Gas ovens are completely righteous. They get hot, like, really fast. Electric ranges are, like, so not even.

- The immortal disco classic Get Up and Boogie by the Silver Convention has been stuck in my head for about eight weeks. Perhaps now you've got it, too. Welcome to the club. It's actually a pretty fab tune. That's right.

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Anithe said...

Um, still. Congratulations on the bittersweet honor!