19 June 2006

Of Comcast and Pookas...

And away she went, like a phantom. Phantoms fly naturally, don't they? What on earth do they need PLANES and AIRPORTS for, anyway?

Anyway, M was to vanish for a week, flying back to Michigan to hug trees and family. Work was far too intense to let me go, so I stayed behind to contemplate the extent of my disease. "Work" is an infection of mind as well as lifestyle, and it cripples everything, including one's priorities. It's getting in the way of some serious tree-hugging, dammit, this can't be good. I need to rethink this whole scene. I'd never hugged a Michigan tree before.

Oh well, someone needs to stay behind and supervise the Cable Guy.

After three failed attempts to get Comcast out here to install cable TV and broadband, I finally snagged the bastard. It was a desperate afternoon spent following around this poor, suffering soul while he encountered one puzzling obstacle after another. The previous owners of this house had Dish TV, which didn't make his life any easier: different cables, etc.

To make matters worse, it looked like half the block had jerry-rigged their own cable by improvising an ugly tangle from the main hub in the alley, suspended up there like the black rubber nest of some hallucinating condor. It certainly wasn't Comcast's handiwork. Then it struck me that I'd become an accidental Cable Narc for the whole friggin' neighborhood. Sorry mates, it was really more selfish than all that...I just need to get my own cable TV done before "the wife" gets back from Michigan...

Once Comcast Guy finally split, it was late and I was intensely stir-crazy. Summer humidity be DAMNED, I'm taking a walk. Columbia road to 18th Street and on to Dupont Circle, to drink in that weird stew of human madness and to remind me of just WHY the heck I chose to move back here. It never fails to amuse.

The bunnies were there, as well. As the photo attests, the bunnies were somewhere along Columbia, across from the Safeway. Perhaps Pookas need cable tv as well...

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