06 December 2006

please, scoop the pooh.

Cynics will tell you the streets of Washington are paved with Pooh... or perhaps the ghost of Sterling Holloway paused and squatted there on the pavement, sometime during the night. A strange thing to see out your front door on a cold December morning.

Mornings are more still now; the world wants to sleep in. Five more minutes, for the love of god, five more minutes.

In sharp contrast, the construction teams dealing with the rebirth of Irving & 14th street seem to have kicked it into overdrive...no sleep for these folks. The senior housing project is speeding along, and the DC USA shopping monstrosity is finally showing signs of progress. The cranes have arrived at the Park Place site, and it's about time. I can't imagine it's pleasant to work on these sites under fifty feet of snow. Get on with it...

UPDATE: the following morning, someone had, actually, scooped the pooh.

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