07 March 2007

The Nation has spoken.

This is to prove that it is still possible to write posts that have nothing to do with a certain boxer puppy who shall remain nameless.

But it's just a brief diversion this time: A scene from the 1800 block of 14th Street in DC. The Colbert sticker was a welcome addition to my morning commute-walk. As was this..... and this. It's about time we had something more compelling to read on the walls than the latest crop of tag graffiti.

DC street art is in a really bad state if we find ourselves crying for the long-dead days of Cool Disco Dan/FFC or even SEK and, dare I say it, BORF... So YOU GO with your bad self, Commentator. Tell 'em like it is.

And yes. Impeach. Please.

Stay tuned for more inevitable fun with Gomez. He's growing like a weed, and about every 72 hours, looks like a totally different dog... *snif* ... they grow up so fast....

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