21 March 2007

Take dish block and shove it.

14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW Washington DC: The Comcast satellite dish cluster (which has been a curious and bizarre eyesore for years) was ritually demolished today, in a press event announcing the development of the View 14 condo project. Alas, I didn't make it in time to shoot the event, and only one mangled dish remained when I got there.

A dirty shame: I've wanted to photograph that dish cluster for a while, & never got around to it. It was a truly strange sight in the neighborhood: about half a dozen huge satellite dishes crowded together and penned behind a cube of chainlink and barbed wire, like some NASA project run amok.

So here we have a good lesson on procrastination: Shoot the weird stuff now, or it will be torn down. It was almost a letdown to find it was all Comcast gear, and not some demented sci-fi nightmare. Heavy sigh.

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