27 March 2007

Triple Gipper

Ghosts of war-hawks past adorn an alley facing the Adams Morgan stretch of 18th Street. It's just the latest in a seemingly endless series of detail shots from the streets of DC turned sepia, black & white, or simply grainy and abused beyond recognition. It seems the thing to do, when skies are overcast. Why bother to color-correct a shot, when you could just blow out the color entirely and add a truckload of noise & contrast?

This time, it's a charming trio of severed heads, all belonging to that foul beast who gave DC punks something to meditate on whilst slam-dancing to Government Issue at the Hung Jury Pub in 1986... My god, that seems like an awfully long time ago.

Turning 40 next year.
Time to begin wallowing in nostalgic self-pity.
Look at him: Reagan mocks me.
And Meese is still a pig.

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