02 June 2007

Lord of the Flies: Mission is Terminated

For the backstory on this, see this post, and its follow-up.

As of today, 2june07, the bodycount has not improved much. The much-anticipated devastating holocaust has become just an amusing anecdote of failure, adrift in a tiny, irony-soaked blog.....just pixels in the wind, my friends.

We bagged just one more fly since last report, and alas, another gorgeous spider has fallen to my thirst for blood and violence...another innocent non-combatant. As instructed, I faithfully swished, swirled, and agitated the "attractant" liquid mixture, to keep it fresh and appealing to all enemy flies. I agitated and agitated, until my agitator was sore. But alas, it was not enough. And so, having abandoned The Device, the attractant has turned a foul shade of rust, and the few victims mock me from their fetid, fluid grave.

I'm folding up my maps and shuttering the war room. The Mission is Terminated.

Perhaps we'll amass a new arsenal of weaponry, and launch a new offensive. But for the moment, no extended tours at the front. We're bringing the troops home.

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