27 July 2007

Simpson and Son

In honor of the Simpsons Movie opening today, I'll indulge in a little avatar weirdness. These days, everybody's making little clones of themselves on the movie's website, and heck, I'm not too proud to join the fun. But I had to try something different, and "apply directly to the forehead" so to speak.

And the resemblance is a bit creepy, but Gomez doesn't seem fazed.

Jeez, dad, not another head transplant...


DCDireWolf said...

I think we may be neighbors as I also live Irving/Georgia-ish.

epota said...

Actually, what I find even more amusing about this photo is the disposition of Gomez -- almost daring anyone to mess with the two of you. Shown in context with fence, cinder blocks, and tattered lawn (no offense), it's almost a classic junkyard dog posing.