29 July 2007

A total nut job

It's Sunday morning as I write this, and the neighborhood ladies are strolling towards church in their quiet dignity. It's a weekly procession which I find pleasant, despite my lack of the Christian habit. It's a time when the place resembles a "neighborhood" more. We all seem to be members of a club, those of us who choose to be awake at this hour on a Sunday.

But our reasons for being up and about are not the same. It's a very different scene at Intangible House, where for the past 48 hours the topic has been, invariably, balls.

Friday was Neuter Day for Gomez. We dropped him off at the vet in the morning, collected the body after work, and it's been a tragic/comic opera ever since.

He was typically stunned when we brought him home, as the dregs of anesthesia left his bloodstream. His was the sleep of the dead, without even the characteristic twitch of dreaming dogs...totally on the nod.

So far, he hasn't pestered after his incision much at all. No licking or chewing back there. This is encouraging, as I've heard that some pups don't need the elizabethan collar during healing times. We've put the collar on him twice, as a training exercise. Or as an exercise in absurd cruelty, depending on your point of view.

Predictably, he flew into a suffering fit, as if we'd set his head on fire. So now the prospect of leaving for work tomorrow with him in that collar is NOT comforting, even with extra visits to check on him. I figure we might come home to a terrible disaster scene. But overall it's been a fine experience, and Gomez seems to be rebounding nicely.

We are a bit disenchanted with his vet, though. Seems we had to specifically ask for every bit of aftercare advice we got: How long for healing, when can he be fed/watered after surgery, when can he be bathed, what about the e-collar, etc. For the love of christ, we're not the experts. This is why we go to a VET.

So here we are, days after the procedure, still thinking of questions which are, honestly, things they should have told us before taking Gomez home. Or at the very least, they could print some goddamned brochures for people to take away. Seems odd that we ended up surfing the web for post-op advice. So, despite the stellar endorsement by the DC police K-9 team for this particular vet, we'll be shopping around for a new one.

Local readers: any suggestions for a vet in Ward One? The folks at Green Pets seem big on City Paws on 14th street, but I'd rather hear it from real people vs. another business.

In the meantime, gotta find a cure for Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, which has been stuck in my head since Friday night. Appropriate choice, sure, but enough already...


Jon said...

I've been going to Dr. Hann at Northside Vet in Arlington. I know they're not quite local, but I've had nothing but great experiences there. They took care of all my grandmother's dogs, my retarded cat, and her kittens, and they've always been great.

squeaky said...

I had a similarly bad experience at Adams Morgan Animal Hospital. Although I'm sure the vet was completely capable, his bedside manner and that of his staff was completely lacking. That and what I told the visit would cost and what it actually cost were two very different numbers. My bill was more than twice the estimate I was given. I won't be going back...ever.

IntangibleArts said...

Same here, re: the quote versus final bill. And the E-collar they sold us ends up being one Gomez can remove simply by freaking out: It doesn't have loops to connect to his normal collar, like others I've seen, so he just bats at it with his mighty boxer paws until he gets the velcro going.

So we've got to find another one from somewhere else, while hoping he doesn't get all licky/chewy back there.

We were happy with Adams Morgan at first, but it's gone sour. Shame, because they're great people... but as a vet business, we're suddenly not impressed.